3 stars · Fantasy · Young Adult

Review: Unhinged by E.G. Howard

published: 2014 by Amulet Books

pages: 387

genre: YA fantasy; alternate fairy tale

series: book 2 of 3 in the Splintered series

The beginning of this book was AWFUL. I was worried that the series was done for. 100 or so pages of the real world without Wonderland, oodles of sappy descriptive make out scenes between Alyssa and Jeb, and “I’m saving myself for prom night” comments. It was so dull and almost sickenly bad.

Also, Jeb’s proving himself further to not be a great boyfriend for Al. He’s constantly cancelling on her and putting his career first. And that cover is no where near hot enough for Morpheus.

But, then, something magical and eery happens when Wonderland starts creeping into the human world. The Wonderland riddles and creepiness are back, there is action, and Morpheus is back with both his hilarious and inspiring comments for Alyssa. It was almost like reading two separate books. I don’t know how it managed to transform into something good after that start, but it certainly managed it.

There was part in particular that left me with conflicted emotions. It turns out there may be some sort of Wonderland loophole where she can have BOTH guys? Umm, what? That’s not the way it works. I was happy for Morpheus because there’s finally hope for him, but so frustrated that this cop out may be used. I don’t care how magical you are, it’s not fair to anyone in this situation for Alyssa to have her cake and eat it too.

The ending was great! I can’t wait to start the last book. The 2nd and 3rd book definitely go together. Have the 3rd one ready to read if you’re enjoying the 2nd one.

Overall, this book was definitely more corny than the last one. The obsession with prom and taking place in the human world took away a lot of the great atmosphere the previous book had. Still, the creepiness present and the large role Morpheus takes in this made it worth the read.


I’d rate this book a 3 out of 5 due to some of the corny focuses in this one. However, if you love the characters enough to get past some of the more eye-roll worthy scenes, I’d definitely recommend it! Just a not though that if you were not a huge fan of the first book, I doubt you’ll like this one.


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