4 stars · Fantasy · Young Adult

Bonus Review!: Ensnared by E.G. Howard

published: January 2015 by Amulet Books

pages: 420

genre: YA fantasy; alternate fairy tale

series: Book 3 of 3 of the Splintered series

First off, what’s up with this cover? Aly’s cover was beautiful, and they just seem to be going downhill from there. That aside, this is the final book and the conclusion to what started in book 2. There’s no way to discuss this book without giving at least minor spoilers, so I wouldn’t advise reading this if you don’t want some spoilers about the ending.

This book goes back to more of the magic from the first book, connecting Alyssa’s dad into the mix and exploring a different aspect of Wonderland. Jeb continues down his usual crappy boyfriend path, proving to be even more of a jerk in this book than ever before. Morpheus continues to be the solid rock who encourages her to reach her strongest potential, and continues to get pushed to second fiddle over Jeb.

Then, THAT ENDING. I have so many emotions to describe that ending of the book. First of all, that cop out loophole for Alyssa? Seriously? That made me so mad. I saw it coming, but I still wasn’t happy about it. The addition of a real reason that she had to choose that outcome helped, but I still wasn’t pleased about it.

Then, after she chooses the guy she’s going to be with, I hoped for an epilogue, right? A sneak peek into her happy life with her choice. At least a few DETAILS. But no. We get like two paragraphs of the most non-descript life after ever. It was so disappointing. I wanted so much more. Or at least a few breadcrumbs? But no such luck. -sigh-


As much as I had issues with the end of the book, the rest of it was so darn good. Even the ending wasn’t enough to ruin it. I’d rate this book a 4 out of 5, and I’d read the series again.


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